Multiple processes hung after playing M* game, required iPad restart

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Username: Tink
Device: iPad 2

Loadout: (if applicable) Not applicable, but: Initial Pistol (L1), Initial Rifle (L0), Standard Shield (L0). Levitate was deliberately skipped.
Map/System: Not likely applicable, but: 1C
Wave: (if applicable) Not likely applicable, but: Wave 30 (?)

Description of what you were doing prior to the bug, what happened during the bug, and what happened afterwards (if relevant).
I was playing the level on Casual. I played through the entire level, and took some screenshots for other bugs. After the first screenshot, there was a delay of 10-20 seconds when I couldn't take another screenshot, even though I pressed the buttons.

After the game finished, apps which used iCloud directly, such as Mail, Safari, Photos, and iCloud Settings would hang on launch. All other apps would hang a minute or two after loading. Obviously, some essential process had hung or died.

These symptoms kept occurring until I restarted my iPad.

Steps to Replicate:
I haven't tried to replicate it yet, but in my experience, these kinds of bugs occurred in beta builds every so often due to memory shortages. iOS then terminates an arbitrary app - which used to be M* most of the time, but now that M* uses less memory, it appears other processes are viable candidates. This is all Boffalo's fault :-)

However, this is nowhere near the worst bug I've observed, as it cleared up after a restart.
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