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Before submitting a bug report please be sure to check out our resources which may answer your question: How to Submit a Bug

Please use this template when submitting a bug. This ensures that we are getting all the necessary information from you so we can help you with your problem. It is also recommended that you try to cause the bug to happen multiple times before submitting the report so that it is verified as repeatable.

Loadout: (if applicable)
Wave: (if applicable)
Description: (what you were doing prior to the bug, what happened during the bug, and what happened afterwards, etc.)
Steps to Replicate: (Use a numbered list :D)



Username: WASDoll

Device: iPad 4

Loadout: APG Kemir, Old Reliable, Human Shield, Levitate, No Gear

Map: Confirmed Midnight

Wave: 3

I was playing Confirmed Midnight on Normal mode. I'd cleared the first two waves no problem, but when I approached the third wave and used my hyper all the Reinfields shot into the ground instead of levitating into the air.

Steps to Replicate:
  1. Play Confirmed Midnight on Primary (Normal) using the APG Kemir, Old Reliable, Human Shield, and Levitate.
  2. Get to Wave 3 and immediately hyper when you see the wave approach.
  3. Notice that the Reinfields are shot into the ground instead of levitating in the air.
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