In game cinematics missing?

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I read the graphic novel and decided to try out the game. But it seems to have just dumped me into the first mission without any cinematic or any explanation. Feels like a big chunk of the story is missing. I see comments about the ingame cinematic being extremely good looking and I feel like I missed something. Basically the plot makes no sense, if I hadn't read the companion app I wouldn't know anything about the game. There is just a chunk missing of the story and I can't find a menu anywhere to relaunch it....

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  • LicederM
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    You unlock the cinematic as you play. As you plays more encounters some of encounters screens have a button to play some of the cinematic.
  • curtneedsaride
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    The cinematic was awesome as one clip all together. It is a little weird being broken up. It would be nice to view the cinematic scenes in longer clips maybe from a video clip option on the bridge menu screen? Also, every time I play a short cinematic from one of the level menus, it takes me back to the bridge after it is done playing. It might be more helpful to have it take you back to that same level menu. I've played a couple multiple times because I couldn't remember which one I last played! Anyway, it all looks and sounds great, which is probably why I want to watch as much as I can at once. Thanks for the work on it!
  • TheWizard
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    Thanks curt! Definitely hear your points about where you are. Stay tuned, cuz we're working on some more story presentation stuff that should make you happy...
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