Weapon Switching During Encounters?

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I find myself using one weapon during an encounter to the point I wonder if there's a way to successfully juggle two at a time.

Does anyone else find a benefit to swapping between weapons during an encounter or wave?

If so do you have any recommendations on how to do it? I gravitate towards old reliable despite dabbling with other weapons.


  • LicederM
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    I would swap weapons mainly in speed runs for bosses. So using Equalizer for the standard enemies and then the watcher for the boss,, wouldn't swap much on point runs however.
  • PhilGraves512
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    I haven't found any benefits to weapon swapping. /shrug
  • johnnywhatnow
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    I'm a big fan of the APG so when playing on encounters that have a long distance between me and where enemies spawn, I usually keep a sniper rifle with me to start a multi-kill as I close in on them (i.e. Confirmed: Midnight, Gardens of Time, Below Deck, etc.).

    Once I get close I'll switch back.
  • Moo
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    Neither do I switch weapons :) Most of the time I simply equip one required gun in Slot 1 while keeping a low-level gun in Slot 2 to reduce the Element cost per Recharge. I either use Stormchain or the Watcher (for high scores / headshots respectively). I do remember that @Tirfing once suggested on the game's Youtube channel about using both guns (stun + headshot) in combination to rack up score bonuses more effectively, but I haven't really tried it since I felt like there would be too much for me to handle :p
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