Questions about Chronal Magnum

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I really like the Chronal Magnum because it has unique behavior which adds more depth to the game.

But I don't understand what its Overcharge feature is supposed to be. The description of "Slo Mo Kill" says that enemies can be slowed with the Overcharge. In my stats I have over 5k Slowmotion Kills, but 0 Perfect Slowmos.

If I shoot an enemy enough times with the Chronal Magnum then a golden "dome" forms around them. I'm assuming this is the Overcharge, but it doesn't seem to have an effect on any of the other enemies and it doesn't seem to do anything.

So, I'm wondering, what is the Overcharge, what is the golden dome and what does it do, and how do I get a perfect SlowMo?

Side complaint: It's frustrating when I shoot an enemy while he's shooting at me and it slows down all his projectiles. It's impossible to time my shields when this happens, other enemies start shooting at me, and then if I turn to face the other enemies then the slowed projectiles speed up again and hit me. I understand why this all happens, but I'm wondering if you guys will change this so the projectiles don't slow down when the enemy does? At certain times it makes the Magnum a hinderance to staying alive, and it's not a very powerful weapon to begin with.


  • Zicom
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    Hey StarReeve,

    The Perfect SloMo is actually referencing a hyper that may be added to the game later. Currently, there is no way to make progress on that achievement. The OverCharge - "SloMo Bubble" is an AoE slow that slows the targeted enemy, and any enemy that enters it.

    As for the slowing down projectiles, we're currently working on an update for the game. Improving weapon functionality is part of that, so we may try to improve that behavior.
  • LicederM
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    Yeah ditto with bullet slow down, it's quite a weird mechanic where killing an enemy shooting at you makes you have to wait longer shielding.
  • StarReeve
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    Im not sure how the slomo bubble is supposed to work.

    Since zicom answered my question, I started testing out the overcharge but it doesn't seem to work.

    When I activate it and it "engulfs" nearby enemies, they don't seem to be slowed down.

    When I activate it, it's up, and enemies run INTO it, they don't seem to get slowed down.
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