What's the "next enemy" logic?

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Is the pinch-and-zoom interface supposed to have any intelligence to it at all? I'm finding that trying to 'drive' it in busy encounters is really, really difficult. You'd think it might have some logic -- especially during a hyper, since sort of obviously you'll want to hit those enemies before, say, one that has their back to you.


  • StarReeve
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    From my play experience I've noticed the pinch-zoom will usually target enemies in this order if you're not targeting a specific one: about to fire >> levitated >> passive

    So if you're using levitate but an enemy is about to shoot you and you pinch a random part of the screen, then the game will zoom on the one about to shoot you rather than the levitated one. It's a little frustrating but I understand why it's like that.

    Aside from that I think the game targets the enemy nearest to the part of the screen you pinched.

    Maybe the developers can give you a better answer.
  • Zicom
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    Pinching to Zoom will zoom on the enemy closest to the midpoint of the beginning of the pinch. You don't need to hit an enemy to zoom on that one, it just needs to be close. There is no logic beyond that for choosing a target to zoom on. In an upcoming update, you will be able to get headshots without zooming which should mitigate some of the frustration that comes from zooming on the wrong enemy.
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    You know what, I was probably thinking of the threat detectors or whatever they're called, where you tap the arrows on the sides of the screen to look at different enemies. I think that's what has the priority I was talking about.
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    On an unrelated note, sometimes I just wish the zoom mechanism would allow me to target an attacking Colossus's boulder, rather than the smaller enemies in front of it :p
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