Midnight Star 1.1 Update Out Thursday!

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Midnight Star‘s massive update hits the App Store this Thursday, May 21st! Get pumped cause it’s packed with new content, features and updates to how the entire game is played. Antsy? Download the game now for free and check out what’s in store for you in 1.1 below:

New Weapons and Items!
  • The Leveler, the Crystal Carbine, Vengeance, the Benefactor and tons of new meaty Powerup drops to bring your skills to a whole new level [learn more].
Weapon Styles!
  • Customize the look of your guns with over 80 new weapons skins and packs [learn more].
Video Replays
  • Record, share and watch player runs, missions and “how-tos”! Now you can check out how players pull off those crazy high scores, and share your own when you become the top dog [learn more].
Multiplayer Updates
  • New rules, Pro Options and for the first time, “Gardens of Time” is a playable Challenge map [learn more].
Player Attributes
  • Apply upgrades to yourself as a player so you can really specialize the way you approach your Campaign and Challenge encounters [learn more].
New… News Feed!
  • Brand spanking new layout separated by Messages, Rewards, Story, and more [learn more]!
Gameplay Updates
  • Unlimited Loadout Energy– we removed usages from Weapons, Shields and Hypers so that you can play over and over without having to recharge them!
  • Weapons and Shields are now upgradable to Level 10.
  • Headshots are now allowed without targeting (precision damage still requires a targeted enemy).
  • Tech Points and Catalyst Pickups added– from fallen enemies, not from environment destructibles.
  • New Pickup art and “Collect” animations.
  • Rooms no longer gated by Player Level– on the Joplin you can now upgrade your Armory, Science Lab, and Engineering whenever you want.
  • Weapon wall view added to Armory– take a peek at your (now) fully customizable arsenal!
In addition to the aforementioned, we spruced up the UI across the board, made significant changes to our purchase loop, upgraded performance, improved player feedback, and even changed Midnight Star‘s app icon (see below)!

Like I said, it’s a massive update, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. For more information, please check out the other posts we put up on the site (links above) and hit us up if you have any questions / concerns!
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  • Moo
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    Woohoo! Really looking forward to it. Though some of the changes also make me wonder if they are going to make it considerably easier to progress in the game. Especially since it's now possible to pull of a headshot with Stormchain without even pinching in :o Then also, not sure if a Lvl10 gun would be too strong or if the enemies would also get stronger :p
  • TheWizard
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    We'll be interested in that feedback, Moo-- I think you'll also find that Headshots still are tricky... and zooming makes it so much better.

    As far as the gun balancing, check in with us after Thursday when you get a feel for that and the Attributes system. Would love to hear what you think!
  • Starglider
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    Yeeeeehah!!! Sounds like more ways to get tech points, which was my biggest wishlist item for M* 1.1, but we'll learn more Thurs. Congratulations! Delaying from mid-April and combining update with major gamemod seems sensible. Onwards! (Gripping my APG... )
  • TheWizard
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    Yeah Star-- coupled with the Attribute Points and lack of recharge mechanics, you should be banking TP in no time...

    And thanks! Appreciate the excitement and let us know what you think of the many changes-- you'll notice better feedback on just about everything (levelling, achievements, stars for missions etc) across the board.
  • Moo
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    And I thought 55K tech points would be a lot until I see the amount of new stuff coming. :joy:

    Anyways the gun balancing is making more sense now that I think about it. In earlier Psychotic campaigns they might be a bit overpowered, but from Headed For Destruction onwards I've always felt the need for a gun with higher damage, especially when you're against no one else but a large group of helmeted Dust Ascended (e.g. at the end of Focused Fire and Saving Grace). It's so hard to keep the multi-kill bonus going when you need so many shots just to bring one enemy down :o Not to mention that in order to do a Perfect Levitate, you'd have to actually weaken them first before Levitating, in order to kill all three of them within 7 seconds.

    So I guess the balanced guns will give room for even higher scores in those later campaigns. :)
  • StarReeve
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    Looks like a lot of great things are coming our way. It's almost like M* will be a completely different game. It's worth the wait.
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