Dust ran away after I killed the first Oberon on the final level wave 2 or 3

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Level: final, wave 2 or 3
After I killed the first Oberon at the end of wave 2 or 3 on the final level, the remaining 2 dust ran away a long distance and idled. I'd expect them to stay close and shoot. I reported the bug in-game, here is the screenshot.


  • johnnywhatnow
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    Got the field report and we've got eyes on it now-- thanks Tink!
  • Moo
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    I always thought Saving Grace (and Tragedy of Conquest) was designed that way. Killing the Colossus early would cause all the small enemies to flee the battle and end up with an immediate melee against the 2nd Colossus, then the checkpoint and you get a lower score :neutral:
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