Not getting tech points when first completing a level

Join Date: Mar 2016
Posts: 1
Username: Stevencnz
Device: iPhone6s
Loadout: APG, Crystal Carbine, Protector, Levitation, autoshield
Map/System: Gardens of time, Psychotic
Wave: completed
Description: played through mission, and completed for the first time (have come close in the past).
When competed, 'completed screen' (pop up) came up and I received the attribute point, however no tech points (for first completed) appeared in my balance (it is on 460, less than the 750 for completion). Unsure if the xps appeared. I also had a level up notification from 0 to 21, with odd totals appearing (21 is the current level, was on it before the mission started)
Mission now shows as completed on psycho, so am unable to replicate.

Any ideas how to get the tech points?

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