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Yes, you aren't imagining it, a large number of us know each other. We know that the flurry of obscure references and in jokes that have filled the Whatever, Whenever forum so far can be a little offputting. But fear not, I can explain! No, wait, there is too much. I can sum up.

You see, many moons ago, one of our fearless devs, TheWizard, worked on another game with some wonderful and talented people. It was called The Continuum, its world called The Crossworld, and the short form IIXII. Seek it not, friends, it's gone from the supposedly immortal internet. But the magic of the place lives on in this community we've transplanted.

It all started a lot like this. A couple comics about the game world, a forum, and a few people who could sense potential. Things on the forum were hopeful, but quiet, until one day one of the typical, young, ill-mannered, illiterate children that seem to haunt most MMOs came along, and started a thread titled "LU CLAN RECURTING FOR THE SOON TO BE COMING EMPIER TO THIS GAME." The rest of the post was just as incomprehensible. But that's when the magic started. Someone (who is here, and can name himself if he wishes) replied that the Lu Clan would fall before the might of the Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Clan! We took the ball and ran with it. That thread remains one of the funniest things I've ever read.

Soon, we were roleplaying in the world, demanding our own forum for that. It became so awesome that they wrote us into further issues of the comic. At least one dev made a secret account so he could RP with us without us knowing. It all centered around a bar, named Haven. Simple place, sawdust floor, big fireplace for smashing glasses in, lots of comfy chairs (yes, I did a lot of borrowing in its design). It was special.

IIXII was ahead of its time, and alas did not survive. But when its servers were about to go down, we all banded together and swore to keep in touch, and to invade a new game some day. That day has come.

The good news is we LOVE playing with new people! That's where you come in! Please don't let all this past history scare you off. We want everyone to be part of the party. We have too much fun not to share. Just pull up a chair, grab a mug of The Good Stuff, and jump right in.

Here's a new introduction thread, with a twist. We aren't going to introduce ourselves, we're going to tell you about the other people in our little cast of characters, and hear what we really think of each other. If you're new, just start playing and you'll end up here sooner or later.

Terheyt: the girl behind the bar. Further despondent sayeth not.

The Good Stuff: whatever you happen to be most thirsty for at the time, often but not necessarily alcoholic. Broken out at the slightest excuse for a celebration. Yes, this exists in the real world, I've won the award for Best Drink at WorldCon two years running now.

DocGeo: my partner in crime and bar running. He handles the food. Big, reliable, with a wicked sense of humour. Beloved by all. Had to take several absences from the story due to being on active duty overseas, but we're all thrilled to have him home and safe for the next little while.

SoxRobin: quiet girl with a core of steel. Ran the inn in our little village in the other world. The highest commendation you can receive is one of her special and spectacular cookies. One of the community founders.

Drakythe: keeper of lore. He ran the newsletter for our little community, keeping on top of both game developments and RP story goings-on. If you have a question about ANYTHING, chances are Drak has the answer.

Darggie: the Town Crier. Responsible for getting the word out, again about anything and everything game related. Works closely with Drak, and earns many cookies.

Finjinimo: troublemaker extrordinare. You would never believe how many plots he's derailed, often dying in the process. One of the best writers we had. Always deserving of a kick in the shins.

TheWizard: dev and ringleader. Mercilessly taunted to keep him from getting a big head, because we all love him so much. We're lucky he lets us play in his sandbox. If he gets out of line, however, I do still possess some blackmail material. The second highest honour available is to annoy him sufficiently to be smitten or smote (there is a running debate) by his Hammer of Smitation (similar to the Loving Mallet of Correction) and land on the Scroll of Smitation.


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    It has to be said, the order of the virtuous comma is finally here in full force! Admittedly, the full force was only ever me, but, eh. Not everyone can be trusted with the mighty comma.

    ...And Ter, I thought you were the one who started the SP+G clan? Or was it me after all? And have we had this discussion before? I think we may have.
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    /comes up for a breath.

    Aha! Memories here, indeed. I may have to jump in with more introductions, but I wanted to tip my hat at Kjel, oh 1st player of a Beta long ago. I did notice that no one introduced Eachan, alas... (if I believed in emoticons, I would insert here)
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    Hello all! So good to see everyone!
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