Unable To Download In U.S Appstore

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Username: XryanobX

Device: Ipad 2

Loadout: N/A

Map/System: N/A

Wave: N/A

I'am trying to download the app on to my ipad 2 running the latest IOS. And it is telling that its only available in Ireland. as you can see from the picture. Im not sure if this is a Bug or if you intended for this to happen.

Steps to Replicate:
1. Open Browser
2. Google : Midnight Star Industrial Toys ITunes
3. Click ITunes Link,
4. Error Appears.


  • XryanobX
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    I assume this is a bug because the game was made in the United States.
  • TheWizard
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    Hey @XryanobX‌, we're in soft launch right now in Ireland, Philippines, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia. We'll be launching in the United States really soon, so you'll be able to play shortly. In the meantime, let me know if we can answer questions-- the game is looking great so far!
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