Marathon, Pathways... the good old days!

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As being a (veteran) fan of Marathon (First, Durandal and Infinity) but also previously of Pathways into Darkness (all of them being done by Bungie - Hello Alex ;-) ), I was just wondering if the MS team ever played these fantastic shooters? Were they source of inspiration? Were they guided by the S'pht'Kr clan?



  • steakbacon
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    Hey Djib! Well - like - yeah we all played them! :wink: Well, maybe not all of us, some of the younger guns here were in diapers when Marathon came out. (Holy smokes that makes me feel old!) But you can probably see some inspiration from the old Marathon games shine through in Midnight Star if you look close enough. Glad to have a kindred spirit here Djib - thanks for the note!
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