Washington post interview - John Scalzi

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I decided that this was off game topic, even though Scalzi wrote the M* backstory and universe. Enjoy, Charlies!:

"Book publishing deals are often announced in arcane terms, and even when the actual numbers are revealed, they can feel awfully predictable: Celebrity memoirs sell for millions of dollars, while mere mortals scrape by from contract to contract. But on Sunday, science fiction author John Scalzi pulled off a feat as impossible as something in his novels: He made a book deal seem like important, relevant news.
He and his publisher Tor announced that for $3.4 million, Scalzi would write 13 books over the next 10 years. The only prior deal I know of that even comes close to matching Scalzi’s in scale and significance is the contract Alastair Reynolds signed in 2009, which committed him to write 10 books in 10 years for a million British pounds ($1.5 million). Scalzi’s contract sets a very public precedent for other science fiction authors to use as a negotiating point, and it also gives him room to breathe: In addition to sequels to several of his most popular series, Scalzi pitched Tor three ideas for young adult novels, a genre he hasn’t worked in before."


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