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  • Re: Well, I think I'm done.

    That I'll have to agree as I essentially did not purchase/max out any guns other than the APG/Watcher/Stormchain/Equalizer, and still have my Armor/Luck at their minimum levels as I had to save up all the TPs for other indispensable things. I'm not a paying player so I probably shouldn't be commenting on M*'s monetization scheme (I only got the catalysts from Midnight Rises for free to get Double XP), not to mention that I did manage to reach #1 for Captain Owens for a week or so without feeling the need to pay -- but I still think the current IAPs are not really worth the money (especially now that we can upgrade a gun to Lvl10 and that would cost like 30K+ TPs).

    I would have been very willing to spend money on the game (or purchase the game if it were a premium title), but the current IAPs aren't really attractive considering how much Catalysts you'd spend on maxing out just one weapon. Most other guns aren't really necessary once you got the APG/Stormchain/Equalizer (for the three multiplayer modes respectively), but if I could afford the TP they surely would add more fun to the game. I appreciate Industrial Toys for making M* into a relatively laid-back freemium grind in which IAPs are not a must, but the IAPs definitely could have been more rewarding considering their costs.
  • Spreading Multi-kills over time to perform KillzOrz + Perfect Levitate at the end of each wave

    Not sure if I could explain this well with just words, but I realized that if you take down each enemy with a slight delay (but within the Multi-kill timer) instead of as fast as you can, you would have just enough time to have your Levitation recharged by the end of that wave of enemies.

    So for example, if you start fighting each wave of enemies first by a Levitate, then take them down one by one slowly within the Multi-kill timer (until you do a KillzOrz), your Hyper would be ready again just in time when you only have 3 enemies remaining in that wave. In this way you can make sure each wave of enemies would be finished off with a KillzOrz + Perfect Levitate combo, which gives over 10K points each time you manage to pull it off.

    If you could do so consistently in every wave of attacks in a campaign, it would actually rack up to a higher total score at the end, compared to what you'd normally get by rushing through every wave (i.e. Hyper not being recharged in time by the end of a wave), especially in some of the campaigns where you can't really get 10% more time bonus no matter how fast you've completed it. So you actually end up with more points if you wait a little bit between each two kills, and use your recharged Hyper right at the end of each wave. :)

    (And in some campaigns, doing so with the Stormchain would actually make it possible to achieve a Psychotic score by the end of the very first checkpoint :mrgreen: )
  • Re: Hardcore In-Air Pickups vs Magnets

    What if we start collecting players' opinions (not just the hardcore but also casual ones) whether it should be made easier by slowing down the pickups' dropping speed? I myself (although not finding the objective impossible) never really enjoyed doing in-air pickups as it's indeed more annoying than challenging. Not only that you have to spot a crate from a really far distance to guarantee in-air pickups, but also it kinda distracts the player from what makes M* truly fun as a shooter. When my last resort is to do those pickups by tapping the same spot for multiple times, it isn't really making the Campaign more fun but is distracting me from scoring higher (one of the reasons why I still replay Normal and Psychotic modes but not Hardcore). :/
  • Prevent hiding enemy to be levitated

    Not really a bug, but sometimes I just wish my hyper could be smart enough to not levitate a blocked enemy (by prioritizing exposed enemies over the hidden ones). I feel like I could see that :trollface: behind the rock every time it happens......
  • Re: "Synchronizing Data" stuck at 98%

    It happens pretty often to me but I only have to exit to Home Screen and return to the game (no need to quit the app), and the stuck sync would be cancelled right away. Then as I disconnect from the internet and reconnect, the sync would start from 0% again and usually finish itself quickly within seconds.

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