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  • Re: Well, I think I'm done.

    I'm sure it's easier if you can upgrade everything, but as I noted the scarcity of tech points makes the problem pretty intractable. I'm at the level cap, so getting enough currency to max out the Stormchain or the shield or levitate implies a lot of tedious grinding, and here we are back at my topic title again.

  • Re: Purpose of Armor upgrade

    I'm just happy I figured that out before I wasted any points on upgrading that area.
  • Re: Hardcore In-Air Pickups vs Magnets

    That's a good idea, because 25 pickups is some bullshit.
  • Re: How to use these elements points?

    My Watcher is level 4, and my Kemir is 5. I use either based on distance to enemy, really. On long maps, culling them a bit when they're still far away is key, but once they get close trying to do everything down the scope gets hairy.

    Actual headshot damage per trigger pull is supposedly higher for the Watcher, but you can't one-shot any helmeted mob with either weapon. That seems super odd, since the Watcher fully upgraded is supposedly doing 11 x 395 for headshot damage, or 4,345 points, right?

    Anyway, point being that needing two shots to kill anything with a helmet means that you get so few kills with the Watcher that it's challenging to use in a high-population environment.
  • Re: How to use these elements points?

    I got an Equalizer at one point, and it's nearly useless to me. I'm too used to the Kemir, where you have more control over ammo consumption.

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