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  • Re: Midweek Rumble: 6.3

    Ha Rainbow Blood is our "Paintball Mode" if you're familiar with Goldeneye on the N64 ;). It doesn't effect the actual gameplay outside of making everything rain color.

    Has the video still not uploaded? Sometimes there can be a little delay...
  • Re: Pro Options

    Haha it's exactly what it sounds like ;)
  • Re: Headshots

    *slaps own face*

    Sorry for the confusion @W1ld1! Let us know if you have any other questions and eventually @steakbacon will tell you exactly what you need to know :tongue:
  • Re: What got you into gaming?

    Damn, it won't let me both "Like" and "Agree" with this. What I really need is a "Love" button.

    Well put, sir.
  • Re: Know when you're about to move

    Good call. Knowing both when you are going to start and stop moving are going to benefit you in a huge way so you know exactly how to bide your time throughout each encounter. Also, if you've noticed, in some encounters, you will move forward much sooner if you turn to face certain enemy waves (or directions) so keep that in mind as well when you're picking your targets.

    But yeah, at this point my quest to beat Travis' scores (aka Tirfing) has become my only goal in life so watching me play now looks like Charlie galloping around Oberon on a blind horse while staring into binoculars.

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